Sunday, 7 October 2012

Telesales love or loathe?

If you have a phoneline whether it be mobile or landline at some point you would have had a call from someone sat at a desk in a call centre, headset perched on top of their heads, long list of numbers with our names placed next to them. Their sole aim is to meet their targets & we are their on that hit list, phoning number after number trying to sell you something!(normally something you don't need). 

Now I don't always put the phone down straight away, if I have time I will listen to that lengthy call of how double glazing will benefit me or how the fascia boards on my home would make it look better for potential buyers, yes I let them blurt out all of their verbal diarrhoea whilst I go about my daily chores one handed. After about 10 minutes(I will never get that time back but it was worth it) the very chirpy caller asks "so can I get someone round to give you a quote", my response "sorry I am a council tenant I don't need double glazing or top of the range fascia boards" these calls always end with them putting the phone down on me, yes I could have easily said that at the beginning of the call but when it is your 5th one in the day I feel the need to turn the tables on them. I have had calls when the caller has said "hello Mrs Odd how are you today?"...."sorry that is not my name" ends call, the there was "hello Mrs Dood, how are you?" that is not my name either!.

One thing I have noticed is, they all start the conversation happy, like they are sat on a tropical beach having the time of their lives, but by the end of the call wether it be 20 seconds or 20 minutes they sound like they have just had that tropical beach getaway snatched away & replaced with camping in a cows field that is home to more ants than grains of sand on that tropical beach.
One thing that does puzzle many is how did they get your details, you decided to go ex directory so are they just randomly calling numbers?. No because how did they get your name(even if it is not always correct). Well the answer is, sometimes companies will sell on your details. Npower once approached me, "enter this amazing competition" they said so I asked "what's the catch"..."no catch" but there was, when I dug a little deeper I discovered that they do indeed sell on your details.
So that is how they get your details, do you get pestered & how do you deal with telesales?.

A few good ways to get away from them.
Put the receiver near the tv & whack on baby tv.
Put the phone down.
Humour them & waste their time.
Hand the phone to your chatterbox toddler.

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