Thursday, 18 October 2012

So you want another child!

As you possibly know I have 5 children, I think the blogs name is a dead give away. Everyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for a newborn baby. The smell, the new life, the soft skin, those little tiny fingers & toes, what is there not to love about newborn babies?. I generally have good pregnancies & easy short labours so not even the thought of a painful labour puts me off. When I was pregnant with R I had vowed she would be my last so I enjoyed every second of the pregnancy, I tried my hardest not to complain even when I went 1 week overdue as I knew that it would be the last time I would carry a child. Sure enough thoughts of baby no 6 crept into my head but I knew Daddy2five would never go for no 6 & even if baby no 6 was a possibility it would be know more. Why, well R is my ASBO baby, okay she is not quite as bad as the name suggest but......

She strops like none of my other children did, if you dare take something off her she proceeds to throw a tantrum.
If she is ignored she starts off nice & sweet then proceeds to get louder "Nanna, Nanna, Nanna, Nanna, Nanna, NANNA" She say's Nanna when she wants something right then, its usually food related.
She has the attitude of all 5 rolled into one, she knows when she is doing something naughty & will glance over at you just before she commits her crime just to check to see if you are looking her way or not.
She is fearless, she thinks nothing is more fun than standing on the edge of the sofa yelling mamma, only for your heart to skip a few beats & just about get to her before she leaps, I think I have a mini stunt woman.
Sleeping is not for her, well sleeping in her cot is not, she likes to do the starfish in mummy & daddies bed. Let her cry it out I hear you say, I would if she didn't wake up the whole house & the neighbouring properties. After 5 children I am at a loss of what to try next. She knows how to wake us too, she will grab my hand and make me tap Daddy to wake up, she knows once I am awake we get up whether it be 6am or 8am. When mummies eyes open it is time to get up.
She knows what she wants & if you don't get it quick enough well lets just say you know about it. I had just sat down to feed her, I had cooled down a spoonful of lasagne ready to scoop into her mouth when she started to cry very loudly, I knew the reason behind her tears straight away, she wanted to feed herself!, I passed her the spoon. This got knocked out of the way with the contents spilling out onto the floor, her cup shortly followed afterwards all because I had not placed the bowl on her tray. Steam was billowing off her meal so I transferred it to another bowl & began blowing it cool. R continued to scream the house down & when I had finally cooled the lasagne enough so that she could feed herself she scooped up a spoonful in a "I will show you" manner, shoved it in her mouth then spat it right back out again. Was it cold? no, she had just got herself that worked up that she now would not eat!.  

So the moral of the story is child 1, 2, 3 or even 4 may have been a doddle but be warned that extra child could be the one that turns you hair grey, I joke that if she were my 1st she would be an only child. 
Would I change her? 
No, never her cheekiness is what makes her, her.
Do I wish she was a well behaved toddler?
Sometimes but I would laugh a lot less if she were.

She has her Mummy wrapped round her little finger but Daddy is a harder nut to crack.

Some family members say I have spoilt her with her being my last, maybe I have but who knows? So long as she needs cuddles she will get them as will the others.

Have I convinced you that having more children is a bad idea sometimes? Don't worry I am not all that convinced either!.

Wish me luck for the terrible 2's in a good few months

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