Friday, 12 October 2012

Rocket Play Tent Review

I have been on the hunt for an outdoor playhouse for a while so when I was asked to review a Rocket Play tent from Big Game hunters it was like they had read my mind. My son is always saying he is going to the moon in his imaginary Rocket so when he laid his eyes on his very own Rocket he excitedly jumped inside.
What's in the box
Pinewood Poles
 You will need a screwdriver(I recommend an electric screwdriver if possible)
 Putting the Wooden frame together is easy enough to do & should only take 10 minutes if you have an electric screwdriver. The instructions are easy to follow so you should have no problems. Once the frame is put together & secured with the screws, place the canvas tent over the frame & secure the velcro feet covers over the support poles. Your rocket is now ready to be taken on it's first adventure. 
The Rocket can be used indoors or outdoors as the canvas is a waterproof polyester fabric, the colours as you can see are red, blue & yellow. It is suitable for ages 3+, it is 1.4 meters high & 1.1 meters in diameter. Their is 1 entrance door that is closed using velcro tabs & 3 windows so your child can look out to steer their rocket ship on a magical adventure to the moon.
The Rocket Play Tent is available to buy for just £74.99, I think it is a great price because the frame is sturdy & it can be used all year round.
My children all love it.

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