Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Doctor Who Dalek Spaceship Set

I have been sent the Dr Who Dalek Spaceship set from Character Building to review. I knew this would be something M & big T would love as they are massive Dr Who fans. I decided it would be M age 8 who got to build the Spaceship, she did need some adult assistance as she couldn't figure out some of the pieces, the instruction could have been better explained but if an adult is around to help them when needed then they should be fine with it, she mainly completed it alone & it took around 1 1/2 hours.

All the pieces went together great, a few items are more likely to fall off but these tend to be at the bottom of the Dr Who Spaceship & they can easily just be popped back on. It is a fun construction set that any Dr Who fan would love & yes they make slightly bug you as they fly their Spaceship around shouting "exterminate, exterminate" in their best Dalek voice but that is half the fun for the child. 

In the set you get 420 pieces which include 2 Dalek Drone micro-figures. When completed it has movable parts, laser cannons & a detachable skimmer car. The top of the dome on the Dr Who Spaceship is transparent. My children have all explored their imagination playing with this set, they have set off on many missions flying around my living room.

I would recommend this Dr Who Spaceship set from Character Building to family & friends & I may have to buy more as my children all seem to want it at the same time. The set can be bought for around £29.99 which I think is a reasonable price for this kind of toy & it is suitable for ages 6+.

I received the Dr Who Spaceship set for the purpose of the review only.

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