Thursday, 4 October 2012

Big Questions from little people....Answered by some very big people

Has your child every asked you a question that you just don't know the answer to? If the answer is yes then a new book called Big Questions from little people....Answered by some very big people is just what you need, It is written by Gemma Elwin Harris. The book features over 100 real questioned asked by children & includes the answers, answering these questions are one of my favourite people Sir David Attenborough along with Dame Kelly Holmes, Bear Gyrlls, Derren Brown & many more.

The hard back copy can be bought for just £9.99 with the proceeds going to NSPCC so it is for a very good cause.

Share your childs burning questions on twitter @BigQuestionsbk or use the #BigQs hash tag. You can also find the on Facebook 

I can't wait to get my copy 


  1. This is such a good idea. Must admit - I ask stupid questions all the time so could probably use this book more than my little one x

    1. I got my copy today & it's made me laugh so much already, the innocent questions kids ask are great.
      You are not alone in asking silly questions,I once asked why a car wash would call themselves "manned Carwash" I went on to say it was a silly name only to then realise it actually was a sign saying manned carwash & not the name of it. My husband & Mother in law both looked at me with the look that says you idiot haha