Saturday, 13 October 2012

Allergic reactions in Children

Yesterday little T came home from school is usual happy self, I got him changed out of his school uniform & never noticed a mark on him but 20 minutes later my husband noticed both of his ears were red & also the area around them was red too. He called him over to look and as he did little T's top raised up slightly & that is when I noticed it, bright red raised hives all over the side of his abdomen. I instantly said "what the hell is that" which may not have been my best response as it sent little T into a panic. We stripped him down & discovered hives all up both sides of the trunk of his body, under his arms, on his neck & his ears that was not there 20 minutes earlier. Little T started to cry whilst asking what was wrong with him & the only answer we had was "don't worry we just need medicine to make it go away". I was not sure if it was an allergic reaction because when he's had an allergic reaction in the past it has always been contained to where something has come into contact with his skin. I immediately called the DRs to get him seen, in the hour we was waiting until his appointment the hives spread to the from of his stomach & also started to creep down his legs. I had not seen nothing like it before so I have to admit I was quite worried.
The Dr gave him a thorough check over & said it was an allergic reaction, he prescribed Piriton which is an antihistamine. We was told if his temperature raised or he started to wheeze, we had to take him straight into A&E. Throughout the evening we constantly checked on him, especially as in the past his allergies normally bring on his asthma resulting in a hospital stay & close monitoring. I think the only thing that has stopped that from happening is his steroid inhaler that we give him twice a day. 
When we woke this morning I was greeted by little T proudly showing me is hive free body, we was both amazed that just 2 doses of Piriton had made the hives go away so quickly.
Now we just need to figure out what it could have been that caused it, we may never find out but we have to try. We have also made the decision to go ahead & have him tested for what he is allergic to, I am hoping that they will do this through a blood test rather that the skin pricking. We know he is allergic to dog saliva, pollen & even some sauces have burnt his skin around his mouth. It may take a while but at least we would have some idea of what causes his little body to react this way so we can avoid it in the future. 


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    1. It was scary how quick it appeared, thankfully he is fine now & his asthma never flared up; :)