Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wooden toy Wednesday-John Crane High Tea shape Matching

For #woodentoywednesday this week I am going to tell you all about John Crane's Tidlo High Tea shape Matching, it is a pink 2 tiered wooden cake stand & it comes with 15 scrumptious wooden cakes.

The 15 cakes come in different shape & sizes, they are painted a  variety of colours with each painted with realistic detailing.
This is an excellent toy to aid your child's learning, each cake fits into it's own matching shape on the tiers & they also have corresponding numbers so not only will you be able to discuss colours your child could learn their numbers & shapes.
The High Tea set also gives your 
child the opportunity to explore their imagination, any child will love role playing using the High Tea set & will enjoy learning through 
play, as a mother I find that when we learn through play my children absorb the information much better than if we just sit down to learn. Jeff Brazier is a fan of the High Tea Shape matching too, & I imagine his boys enjoy playing with this set as would my youngest son, he loves baking, well he loves anything to do with cooking and has a room full of toys just like this, he will spend hours playing, cooking us some food for us to taste making sure it is not too hot for us before he serves up the pretend meal. 

It measures 29.5cm in height and 25cm in diameter, the stand is painted pink.

You can find John Crane of Twitter & facebook so for all the latest news & competitions give them a like or follow.

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