Sunday, 2 September 2012

We are Toyologist

I am incredibly excited to announce that we have been chosen as a toyologist for Toys R Us.

I am in the Green group of testing which means I will be sent toys aimed at children ages 4, 5 & 6, My chief tester is Tristan who is 4 so he will think his Christmas has come early this year. I will be writing about each toy & giving you my thoughts. If you are anything like me, over the next few months you will spend many hours stood in Toys R Us looking for toys that are suitable for your children, thankfully this year I will get to prod, poke & fully test many toys all at home then tell you all about them, I will hopefully make choosing your children's toys this year much easier.

The 2 other group of testers are the purple group who will bring you their views on toys for ages 0-36 months & Blue group who will be testing toys for ages 7+. You can meet all the toyologist & see what we all think of the toys that are sent by visiting Toys R Us Toy Box.

I shall be receiving my 1st delivery soon so testing can begin, I am really excited to see what we will be testing & discovering which toys are excellent.

I am as excited about playing with new toys as the children are.


  1. Congratulations, we are in the blue group :)

  2. how do you get picked for this? would love to do it nxt yr!

    1. Hi Louisa if you follow their page on facebook they announce when they need testers x

  3. congratulations and enjoy the testing :)