Thursday, 27 September 2012

Toys R Us Toyologist - Pumpazing by Drumond Park

Pumpazing is a fun pass the parcel type game made by Drumond Park. It is suitable for ages 4+ & for 2 or more players. In the box you get 1 x Zingy Pumpazing Unit, 4 different coloured Zinger heads & 12 Zingy cards. The aim of the game is to not lose your zingy cards, but it is Zingy that decides if you lose a card or not so there is no skill needed in order to play, you just need some great arm muscle. To begin playing you hand out the Zingy cards to each player, if you have 2 players then they get 6 zinger cards each, 3 players= 4 zinger cards & 4 players = 3 Zinger cards. 

To set up the Zingy Pumpazing unit you will need to put 3 x AAA batteries into the unit then switch on & press the reset button which is a blue button parallel with the eyes on the unit. Push each of the Zinger heads into the holes until you hear a click, the faces on the zinger head must be facing the same way as the unit in order for them to click into place. 
You are now ready to play, starting with the youngest player 1st they need to pump the zingy arms in & out until a zinger head comes flying out if Zingy says "zing" or "Boing" you are okay & play passes to the next player but if Zingy says "uh-oh" you lose a zingy card then play passes onto the next player. Once all 4 of the zinger heads have coming flying out then press the reset button, push the Zinger heads back in & continue play. If a player loses all their zingy cards they still continue to play until all of the players have lost their Zingy card, the winner is the last person to lose all their cards.
Tristan loved playing this game, he especially loved trying to aim the Zingy heads in our direction & on some occasions he got a direct hit, they don't hurt if they hit you as the force is not that strong thankfully. It is great for teaching your children to take turns & to also listen carefully. It is a great game for all of the family to take part in, my daughter who is 15 months loved collecting the zinger heads once they had gone flying across the room, she also learn't to say "uh-oh" so every time a zinger head flew out she would say "uh-oh" & my niece who is almost 1 would laugh hysterically each time too.
I think the age recommendation is correct because a smaller child would struggle to pump it as it does require some arm strength. I would definitely recommend it to family & friends.

Pumpazing will be available to buy from Toys R Us in time for Christmas. 

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