Monday, 3 September 2012

The Baby Show Manchester

It came around quickly didn't it!. After I left the doors of the Birmingham baby show carrying my bulging bags I started my count down to the Manchester show. I had managed to grab some real bargains & some free goodies too. I attended the Manchester show with family & friends on the Friday & after winning ticket via Angelcare Uk, we were second in the queue because we had turned up late to the last show so I wanted to be bright and early this time & lucky old us whilst we was waiting for those doors to open I was told because we would be 1 of the 1st 150 through the doors we would get a free gift from Tommee Tippee My sister in law is due her 1st baby the middle of December so she clutched her list ready to tick them off one by one & boy did she do that! She managed to get everything she needed is 1 days shopping well actually it was just a few hours & all under one roof too, not only did she get everything she saved herself a small fortune because the deals she got was pretty impressive so all she needs now is the baby.

 I have recently started to use cloth nappies so I was really happy to see many brands that I either have or want at the show, they was giving demo's of each nappy which was really good to see because not many stores sell them so you can get a close look at the Baby Show, I popped by Bambino Mio to have a close look at their nappies then headed off to buy some more disposable liners from Tots Bots which was £2 for 100(bargain) I also stopped by the Ones&Twos stand and had a good catch up with the lovely Andrea, I bought some samples of Rock in Green cloth diaper detergent & Andrea was right it leaves my nappies smelling lovely. I excitedly said "I need a clotheebreak" at the lovely ladies at Babo+boo which scored me a lovely new zebra nappy which I had on my wanted list, a fantastic mummy survival kit & a shopping trolley keyring all stored in a linen green bag.
The Baba+boo survival kit
I loved this & thought it was well thought out.

I checked in with the the brightest stand, the lovely Cosatto & had yet another peek at the Giggle & all the other bright & wonderful things they had on the stand. I had a good old catch up with them all which was lovely as usual. I came across the Koochu stand & chatted away with Suzanne as my sister in law fell in love with their nude patent continental changing bag & would of snapped it up if it had came in black, she really wants that bag in black!.
We stopped off to refuel at the Central cafe & I browsed the Albelli photo books whilst eating lunch. Photography being one of my passions I have used many photo books & I have to say I like the quality of Albelli's photo books & also they are not expensive, I will try them out next time I need a book printing. I also admired the gorgeous Stokke Tripp Trapp chair that can be used right through to adulthood now that is what you call a useful product!, I also wish I had tested it out with my little rear.
I spied a black & white blanket with red trim over on the Peekaboo shop stand & thought it would be a perfect addition to my Yo Golighty so because I was shopping on a budget this time thanks to 4 children needing new everything for school I grabbed their leaflet for future use. We finished off with a chat with Annabel Karmel at her stand & I bought her mini ice lolly set whilst there. I froze some puréed fruit when I got home & Rhian loved them so look out for my review soon.

If you did not manage to make it to the Manchester show fear not because the next one is at Earls Court in London on the 26th to the 28th of October. I will sadly have to wait till the Baby show opens it's door once again in Birmingham, Rhian will be coming up for her 2nd birthday but I will still attend because they have great bargains for toddlers. 

We had a fantastic time & can;t wait for my next visit.

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