Friday, 21 September 2012

Spin Mania by Drumond Park

4th out of our Toys R Us Toyologist box is Spin Mania by Drumond Park. Spin Mania is a game that will test your child's speed & agility. Your child will be able to play on their own or with friends.

If you are playing with friends, then the player who will go first leaves the room whilst the other players hide the 3 stands, these can be hidden anywhere in the room but in a reachable place & in view of the player, so don't hide them in the washing machine as the player will not be able to find the stands. Set the spin machine on a sturdy flat surface along with the 3 plates & the spin spike, a table works better than the floor. To begin the the game the player sets the timer to the start position & the tip of the spin machine will start to spin, once you are ready to play press the orange button & place your 1st plate on the spinner. The aim of the game is to move all 3 spinning plates from the spin machine to the stands using the spin spike whilst they are all still spinning, if all 3 are spinning on the stands then press the orange button to stop the time but if any fall or stop spinning you must re-spin these plates. Place a marker peg in the slot closest to the timer point. Play then moves on to the next player & the winner is the person who completed it all in the fasted time.
If the player is playing alone then the aim is to beat your best record & you place the stands where ever you wish too around the room.
I knew this game would be a hit with Thomas because he has an obsession with anything that spins, Tristan age 4 did lose interest after he realised that you needed a little bit of skill to move the spinning plates onto the stands but he is 2 years below the recommended age of 6+. Madison age 8 got really good at the game but I still hold the record(I will not be beaten).

Overall it is a fun game that can involve the whole family.

Spin Mania will be available to buy from Toys R Us in time for Christmas.

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