Saturday, 15 September 2012

Schleich Wildlife Range Review

Schleich are toy makers who make perfect miniature models of a range of figures & animals, they have asked me to review their wildlife range & if you are a regular reader you will know I do love my wildlife as do my children. 
Each animal is made in a mould which I have to agree with them that they are brilliant, they are hand painted with great detailing. Each model is small enough for a child hands to play with, they are also great for teaching your child about the animals that live on our planet, many children will never get to see these animals with their own eyes, so many children don't know the difference between a skunk or badger so with the help of Schleich we can teach our children about the amazing creature that live all around the world.

 A regular visitor to our back gardens is the cute white breasted hedgehog, they like to keep hidden as much as they can & if they are disturbed they will curl them self up into a ball of sharp prickles. The Schleich Hedgehog comes with its very own plant but fear not there is no sharp prickles on him.

The cheeky Chimpanzee loves to play in the trees, they also love to groom each other clean, they sleep up high in the trees away from predators that would have them for a meal, the detailing on him is really good, from his fur to his teeth these models are accurate in the animals features.

The Raccoon makes its home high in the trees but if they live near humans they will quite happily make the roof of your home their home, they love fruit & will forage for food from your left overs that have been thrown away. The Schleich Raccoon won't eat your rubbish but it will provide hours of fun play for your child. 

A badger returns to his sett as the sun rises, they are shy nocturnal animals so are not often seen, they can be quite vicious and will protect its burrow against many animals bigger than itself, the Schleich badger however will not bite, he is really beautifully made & he would make a great addition to your collection of Schleich wildlife.

Zebra's are found in Africa, they live in herds & their main diet is grass, they also migrate to find food. The zebra is always on the look out for predators & by having stripes & sticking together in their herd it is hard to tell where 1 zebra begins & another 1 ends. The Schleich model is very well made but is your model white with black stripes or black with white stripes?.

The Kudu Antelope hides away in thickets, they are never found on open land. The Kudu's markings help them blend into their habitat, if they stand still they are very hard to spot. They can jump up to 10 meters & reach heights of 2 meters, I wouldn't like to try & catch one. 

A lone wolf Howls on the highest rock, calling out for his pack, they howl to communicate with the other members of their pack. The Schleich Wolf will be really quiet, but watch out as some of the other Schleich models the wolf likes to eat.

All of Schleich products carry the CE mark so they meet all the necessary safety requirement for whether you're collecting or playing. Unlock the imagination of your child with the Schleich wildlife Range, Prices start from £2.99.

I received 7 Schleich products for the purpose of the review, all wording, images & opinions are my own. 


  1. Awwww how cute :)

    1. They are really cute, Tristan told me off for taking them out of his room for pictures so he likes them too & I am sure he will have us buying him the full collection.