Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sainsburys TU Back to school uniform review

 I was sent a selection of Sainsburys TU school uniform to review, I was extra pleased because it would save me some money because with 4 children all needing new uniforms it can all add up. I was looking at the prices & was surprised at how low they are actually priced too because they feel & look much more expensive.

Madison received a cute new grey school skirt with permanent pleat, for me this saves me loads of time painfully burning my hand on the iron trying to get the pleats to look pristine after each wash. It has a cute bow just below the waist band & is stain resistant & hard wearing. The waist is adjustable which helps with her small waist, if I had to buy a skirt to fit her waist the length would be way too short, & you can buy one for just £5.50. She also received a 3 pack of unisex easy care polo shirts the same as Thomas, she also received a pack of 3 non iron short sleeved shirts, not having to iron the shirts helps with the every growing ironing pile that us parents seem to have, they look really cute when worn with a cardigan too. For a pack of 3 they are £6.

Thomas received a pack of 3 red unisex polo shirts that are easy iron, I like the soft feel on all the polo shirts that we received. The size fits him really well for the age we buy him & for a pack of 3 they are just £4.50. He also got a pair of grey Cargo trousers which feature a permanent crease & also feature the adjustable waist, they fit perfectly & I normally struggle to find trousers that don't need any adjustments made for him. You can buy a pack of 2 for just £6 

Chelsea was sent a gorgeous pair of black woven school trousers, they are stain resistant & hard wearing which is a massive bonus because every parent knows how mucky kids can get & they do wear it 5 times a week. The feature a cute bow detailing just below the waist band. They are also adjustable waist.
Tristan received 2 pairs of grey permanent crease grey trousers, they are just £4 for both pairs and are also easy iron, stain resistant & hard wearing, they fit him well & the elasticated waist means he does not have to mess with zips & buttons when he uses the bathroom or changes for P.E. He also got a pack of 2 pure cotton unisex polo shirts priced at just £2 which again fit him perfectly for his age.

All of the TU uniform that Sainsburys sent to me is really good quality and does not break the bank . I would highly recommend them to family & friends.

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