Thursday, 13 September 2012

Oxo Tot, sippy cup set, flip top snack cup & spoon & fork Review

OXO Tot sent me 3 of their products to test & review, I received the OXO tot spoon & fork set, a flip-top snack cup & a sippy cup set. The sippy cup set holds 200ml of liquid, it makes the transition from beaker to cup much easier because you get everything you need in the set, you get the handle which helps your baby hold on to the sippy cup in the early stages, for this stage you get the the lid that features a none spill valve inside that allows your baby to easily suck but if the cup is left on its side it will not spill out & make a mess. Once you baby is ready to make the transition onto a cup then you can remove the spouted lid & replace it with the OXO tot training cup lid, this is perfect for when they are still learning to drink from a cup because the transparent lid has perforations around the edge that controls the flow of the liquid, if your child tips the cup too much, liquid will pour out but the clever lid will stop them from having the full contents poured all over them, you can remove the handles too, this then enables them to use the soft grip sides to hold onto their cup. Once you are confident that your child can drink from the  cup with the perforated edge without spilling any liquid over them you can remove the perforated insert & you are then left with a cup that your child is familiar with & will be happy to drink from. It comes in 3 different colours; green, aqua & pink & suitable for babies 6months+. They are £10.21 each which is a great price for this product. 

The Flip-top snack cup is 150ml & also comes in green, aqua or pink. It retails at £5.51 & is suitable for babies age 12 months+. It has soft grip sides which make it easier for the baby to hold & the flip top lid opens enough for them to get their small hands in and reach for a snack. It measure 6.7cm x 6.7cm x 7cm so it is small enough to fit into a changing bag. It is dish washer safe & is BPA, phthalate & PVC free.

The fork & spoon set also comes in Green aqua or pink & retails at £6.64. The handles are generous in size & are soft grip, this makes it much easier for your baby to hold them, the spoon head is deep which helps to hold the food on it for when your baby is still perfecting the spoon to mouth skill. The fork has all rounded edges so there is no sharp bits that could cut your babies mouth & they both are made from stainless steel. Rhian has found these to be the best fork & spoon set to use whilst learning to feed herself, they are not too heavy & she has great control when using them.

All of the items are dish water safe & a free from BPA, phthalate & PVC. We recommend OXO Tot for all your babies feeding needs.

We received the products for the purpose of the review, all wording & opinions are my own.


  1. The training cup lid is great, my son had trouble moving from sippy cup to beaker and the perferated insert was the trick that helped him.

  2. ooo! think I need to invest in that cup! its fab! x