Wednesday, 5 September 2012

No more cold coffee!

The kids are back in school which means my coffee is not left to go cold, I can sit and drink a full cup whilst it is nice and hot!.
All except Madison was excited about going back to school she would much rather be tucked up in bed than being rushed out of the door every morning. Yesterday was their 1st day back which Thomas was rather giddy about, he was bouncing off the walls with excitement. BUT once his medication kicked in he went from a massive high to being calm too quickly add this to the change in routine resulted in him needing the sick bucket. We have found if he gets over stimulated he vomits , his face drains of all colour & gets a migraine but thankfully we managed to keep him talking which brought him back to a nice level, the colour returned to his cheeks & he had a fantastic day at school.

Tristan enjoyed his 1st day back too, he was first in the line eagerly awaiting the teacher to come and allow them through the doors. Chelsea enjoyed her 1st day in year 8, she came home chucked me a pile of things that needed my autograph then set about chewing my ear off about her 1st day back. Madison seemed to have a good day we had the odd grunt and smile but I still think she is still not sold on this whole get out of bed & go to school idea! god help her when she reaches high school. So with them all back at school I am going to sit back and relax for 5 minutes if Rhian will let me that is, only 2 years before she starts that is a scary thought!.

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