Wednesday, 19 September 2012

John Crane- Tidlo Rainbow Cubes Review

#woodentoywednesday is here again & today it is all about the Tidlo Rainbow Cubes by John Crane. In the box there is 10 wooden cubes all painted in a different bright colour & all feature a number, the number wording, fruit & an animal. 

The Rainbow Cubes are suitable from 18 months but Rhian who is 15 months enjoyed playing with them especially when she could knock them over. They help to develop hand eye coordination when they balance them on top of each other, spatial awareness is another skill that can be developed when they are placing then into each other or stacking them. Each cube features a number according to size, the biggest cube being 10 working all the way to the smallest cube which is 1, by stacking them in size your child can learn numeracy skills by counting them from the top to the bottom or counting the amount of fruits on the side of the cube, once they can count them they can see the number on the other side of the cube so eventually they will learn their numbers from 1-10. Your child can  be taught their colours by using the brightly coloured cubes, my son who has special needs seems to have taken a shine to these cubes & I think it is the bright colours that he likes. 

The largest cube measures 16cm x 15.5cmx15.5cm & when they are fully stacked they are approximately 104cm. Rhian loves to knock them over then stack them again, she can not yet tell her colours or count but I am sure with the help of the rainbow cubes this skill will be learnt whilst we play. My boys, especially Thomas who has special needs gets them out of their box every morning to play, they both stack them then count & say what each animal is, we get a range of animal noises when they are saying what each animal is too so my house can sound like a zoo most mornings. If you have wooden flooring the cubes will get more knocks or wear on them than they would on a carpeted floor so I recommend using them on a carpet rather than wooden floor. They store away easily as they nest into each other so the storage size is the siz of the largest cube. 

I would recommend the Tidlo Rainbow Cubes to family & friends. To purchase just head over to John Crane to find your local stockist.

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