Thursday, 20 September 2012

Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem 2012 Toyologist

The 3rd toy we got out to test as part of being Toys R Us Toyologist is the Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayham. To be totally honest when I saw it in the box I wanted to leave it till last because in the past I have avoided Hot Wheels just because I thought the tracks were flimsy & would easily come apart, I couldn't of been more wrong!. 

Setting it up was straight forward & the instructions are really easy to read, if you do get stuck at all looking at the box illustration will give you a better idea. You will need 4x D batteries to be able to operate the 2 motorised boosters that are positioned at the bottom of the orange & blue loops, they help to shoot the cars around the track. It features a lever which your child can pull back on when they are ready to launch the car, this then releases the car from the loop sending it really fast around the track, once the lever is released the car will continue to go around the loop until the power is switched off or released. The track is connected to each other by a notch on 1 track fitting into the hole on the connecting track, this method actually works really well at keeping the track together even after it has been played with for hours.

Tristan age 4 & Thomas age 10 loved watching the car speed around the track & being able to control when the car is released onto the track. Unfortunately in the set you do only get 1 car which means you will have to purchase another car in order for you to race each other but both the boys happily took turns to control the lever however each track does have its own lever. When assembled it is a large track so it would need a fair sized floor space, it does all come apart if you would like to store it away when not in use, over time though this could possible weaken the notches so I would recommend only doing this if necessary . This track is suitable for ages 5+ & I would recommend it to family & friends, in the future I will purchase more Hot Wheels sets which I am sure my boys will be very pleased about.  

The Hot Wheels Mega Loop Mayhem will be available at Toys R Us in time for Christmas  


  1. Nice looking of hot wheels,i recommended this post.i also use hot wheels for racing in my bicycle.

  2. Looks great, I'm really happy with the handle this...