Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gala Bingo Win-Win

Win-Win Bingo is exclusive to Gala bingo, it takes place every day in the Gala live room from 3rd September till 16th September. When a player plays in these games if you don't win there is no need to be glum as the good news is you are guaranteed to get your money back within 48 hours! Just look out for the win-win games, they are the only games you can buy a maximum of 6 tickets on. Now I love bingo but being a full time mum means I don't often get to go to a bingo hall to play so  being able to play from the comfort of my own home is the next best thing & when I was offered  free play how could I resist!.

 Setting up an account is really easy to do & once your account is set up you will just need to deposit some money into it in order to play. If you deposit £10 as a new member you will also receive a £30  welcome bonus after you have spent your £10.
So you have your account ready to go, just click on the bingo tab & select Gala live, you will then need to Click on the play button in the Gala live box.

Picture 4

A new window will pop up in your browser, once it has loaded your in the win-win bingo. You then just need to buy your tickets (see image above) once your tickets have been purchase they will then have a green edge to them  like they do in image 4, don't worry about marking your cards as these are all automatically done for you & the card that is nearest to winning will always be the top ticket in your window. 

If you win they will announce that you have won. From the picture below you can see I won, my 1st time playing Gala Bingo & I won, I shared the prize with another player but I didn't mind as the buzz of actually winning was great, I will be playing again tonight too because I now have a nice amount in my account ready to play & Peter Andre will be in the Gala Live room from 10pm tonight(Wednesday 13th September) for around 1 hour so come along & play....see you there!

I received no payment for this post, I did receive a bonus into my account in order to be able to play & review Gala Bingo. All wording & opinions are my own.

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