Thursday, 6 September 2012

Craft Party-Mad about Ponies Party

 Children's parties or sleep overs can sometimes be a bit hectic for the parents & trying to find something that all will enjoy & will keep them entertained can be a bit tricky, however Craft Party from Interplay have the answer, the Mad about Ponies Party kit. It is aimed at girls or boys ages 6-9, my son who is 4 joined in and enjoyed it very much so I would say a younger or older child would also enjoy it. You are given enough items for up to 6 children. In the  box you get:
6 resin-cast ponies
15 pots of paint
(5 colours)
6 paint brushes
6 pencils     
20 pre-printed card rosettes
20 double sided sticky tabs
6 pre-printed card jumps
1 dice
6 score sheets
   1 set of instructions   
The paint dries in around 15 minutes however if you apply too much paint this will take longer so I would do the painting part at the start of the party.
The resin-cast ponies have great detailing on them & the instruction show picture suggestions of what colours to paint them, I gave no help to the children painting theirs(I was far too busy painting mine), my 4 year old managed fine even if the ponies breed was questionable & may be a whole new breed he has painted. 
The room was silent whilst they perfected their ponies & once done the paints washed off their hands really easy, I would suggest having their clothes covered with an old t-shirt to protect clothing.
The instructions give you game suggestions which you can win rosettes for, we played each game & the kids enjoyed playing the games especially if they won. There is no skill involved because it all comes down to throwing the dice, game 1 is show jumping & each player takes it in turn to throw the dice & each number corresponds to a movement; roll a 1 or 2 and your pony jumps the jump but hits a rail so you are given a penalty, roll a 3 & your pony refuses to make the jump which again incurs a  penalty(Every time a 3 was rolled laughter filled the room) but you must roll again, roll a  4, 5 or 6 & your pony is perfect at jumping and clears the jump(each child sat praying for one of these numbers), as you throw each player writes down their score(some adult supervision may be required). The winner is the one with the least points & after each game we lined up our ponies ready to see who would be winning a rosette.

Each game is similar in throwing the dice & there is 3 games, after playing all 3 you have spare rosettes so you could award them to the best decorated pony or play more games. All of them was hoping they would win & all said they had loads of fun playing it. I would recommend it to family and friends.
 It is available to buy for £19.99 which is great value as each child gets to take away their pony & will also have fun memories to treasure.

I received this product for the purpose of the review, all images, wording & opinions are my own.                                 

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