Saturday, 22 September 2012

Christmas List in September.

Yes you read right it says Christmas, we are in September & today my two eldest girls presented me with their Christmas September!. I am a bad shopper, I leave it all till last minute & I don't wrap them till Christmas Eve, I know I should wrap them early but it has now become a tradition of mine that on Christmas Eve I have a glass of alcohol whilst I am knee deep in wrapping paper & having a fight with the sellotape. Yes I have ran out of name labels but I have created my own to make up for the ones I didn't buy!. 
So back to the Christmas list, please tell me I am not the only parent that has been given their child's list. I think Madison is going to be rather disappointed that she will not be getting all of her Christmas list because she has asked for quite a few items that don't come cheap.

Madison's list
A scooter just like the boys down the road
Ezy-roller just like C's
Doll & doll stuff
New Shoes
(I take this as a hint that the 3 pairs of shoes she has just been bought are not enough)
Some Clothes
3DS (She has a DSi) 
3DS games
Roller Skates
Justin Bieber (yes don't most young girls) 

I actually love her list & if she was an only child then she most likely would of got everything on her list apart from Justin Bieber hopefully she means the dolls & not Justin Bieber himself but she is 1 of 5 so cut backs are going to be made.

C's list
Hair Curlers 
Pack of false nails(I blame my mother)
Roller Skates

Now this list is more manageable although we had planned to get her a laptop so she can stop trying to steal mine so again she may not get what is on her list.

Does anyone have this weeks winning lotto numbers I think I am going to need them after seeing 2/5 Christmas list! 

13 weeks till Christmas!!!

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