Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Wooden Toy Wednesday Paragon Pirate ship

This week for my Wooden Toy Wednesday I bring you the Paragon Pirate ship from John Crane, we actually have this product & I have to say when I 1st put it together I thought that is not going to stay together as the mass & sails etc. are all slotted in rather that glued but I can 100% say they have stayed in the slots.

Here is what John Crane say about it.

The Paragon Pirate Ship is great for all you swash bucklin' sailors. Detailed with a crows nest, port holes, an anchor and many other features! Feast your eyes on this beauty of a ship and yo-ho-ho your way into hours of fun! The crew comes along with this ship and the whole set includes 25 pieces! The Paragon Pirate Ship encourages role play and new vocabulary too!
Height: 48cm
Length: 59cm
Width: 18cm
Complete with full crew, treasure chest and cannons
Recessed wheels enable the ship to move on most surfaces
Encourages pretend play
This product comes complete with 25 pieces including the crew, chest, barrels, cannons and much more! The product comes in a sturdy storage box

My son has had hours upon hours of fun with his Paragon Pirate ship sailing the Seven sea's on a new adventure each time. I love it because it fully allows him to use his imagination.
Mummy2five recommends this wooden toy for any little boy

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  1. We sell this toy on our website Babatoys if anyone is interested, usually do fabulous discounts as well! I love it, we got a returned one and I almost ran away with it !!

    1. Who in the right mind would return one :) I can't blame you for wanting to run away with it, my son still loves his as much as when we first got it.