Wednesday, 1 August 2012

UltraViolet Review

I was asked if I would like to review Warner Bros. UltraViolet range & I quickly responded with a YES! I first came across their UltraViolet range when I visited them at Britmumslive & I thought it was a genius idea. In my house we love movies & often have a film day where we all snuggle up on the sofa & watch a film, sometimes we are disappointed to find that the one film we all wanted to watch is scratched(it must of paid a visit to Thomas's room at some point) so then we are left unable to watch it, having the UltraViolet copy sitting waiting some where on a cloud in cyber space comes in handy for times like this. UltraViolet is your digital copy that is added to your collection ready for when you want to stream it, you can watch them via TVs, Computers, Tablets, Game consoles, Set top boxes, Blu-ray Players, Internet tv's & Smartphones. 
To start you will need to create an account on Flixster which is really easy & you can also set it up by using your facebook account too.

Once you have signed up to flixster you will also need to create an UltraViolet account which is also easy to do.Once you have both accounts created you can click on the redeem now tab which will then take you to the next page, you can either search for the title of the film you are redeeming your code for or scroll through the titles until you find the film. Once you find it click on the image & you will be taken to the next page. 
Click on the get started tab, in the box where it says enter code you will need to type in the code that you will find on the inside cover of your DVD then click redeem, that title will be added to your collection. 
To watch a film from your collection all you need to do is click on your collection and select the title you wish to watch, I successfully downloaded my collection onto my PC & Laptop which was easy to do, we can now watch any film in our collection whenever we want to, I know this will be perfect for when we go on holiday because all we need to do is pack up the Laptop and we will have them all at our fingertips. You are able to download the title onto your device for when you are in an area with no internet access too which is perfect if you travel abroad as the roaming charges can be quite high.
My thoughts on UltraViolet is that in makes watching films easier & hopefully more films will come with the added UltraViolet copy, I found it as clear as watching it via a DVD player using both a fixed internet & wifi connection, it certainly makes life a little easier whilst at home because I don't have to search through the 100's of DVD's we own to view the chosen film as they are all just one click away in my collection. I no longer need to worry about the kids having the DVD in their room because we always have our back up UV copy & we will be able to travel lighter in the future. I will purchase more films with the added UltraViolet copy in the future.

I received 2 DVD's for the purpose of this review only, all wording and opinions are my own. 

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