Wednesday, 29 August 2012

John Crane Pintoy Pull along Puppy review

For #woodentoywednesday this week I am going to tell you all about John Crane's Pintoy Pull along Puppy. John Crane sent it me last week for review and we have been playing with it since.
It is a cute wooden colourful puppy. His wheels are green & come with a rubber rim so they can grip the floor easily, the rear wheels are positioned so that when he is pulled along it makes the spring loaded parts move, his tail & head are spring loaded which means when you pull him along using his lovely red lead his tail wags & his head bobs along in delight!. His red roped lead is attached to his bright blue wooden collar that can pivot around his neck in any direction. 

He is painted with orange patches & has orange detailing, he has soft black felt ears & a cute red nose.
He is suitable for children ages 18months+ & he measures in at W9xL21xH14.5cm. 
The Pintoy pull along puppy is a durable wooden toy that has no sharp edges at all, he would make a perfect Christmas present for a small child. Rhian loves to pull her puppy along as does Tristan, Rhian has named him wow wow, I personally would call him bob because his head bobs along.

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