Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Family day out swimming

We took the kids to Rhyl Sun centre for a day in the water swimming, the weather has been rather wet the past few weeks so a good old beach day was out of the question so we thought we would beat the rain and go swimming. For those that have never been it is full of slides, swimming pools & a surf pool, the complex has seen better days(it is peak season though) but I never saw one over flowing bin & the seating area was kept clean throughout the day. We spent around 5 1/2 hours there & had loads of fun.
I usually want to get out of the pool after 1/2 because I used to feel really cold but I bought a neoprene zip up top from Konfidence & I can honestly say it helps to keep me warm!. 

Tristan thought it was hilarious chasing us round the pool shouting "a shark is coming to get you"

The kids all had a fun filled day, Thomas enjoyed most of it which means all the pictures I took of him ended up blurred, he wasn't keen on the over head rain storm & waves that would come on for about 2 minutes each time throughout the day but other than that he loved splashing around in the water & braving the smaller slides. Tristan would normally hate any water going over his head or even getting splashed, we gave him some goggles & he will happily dunk his head under the water & doesn't mind splashing either now. Since Tristan was happy to be splashed I took him in the surf pool I asked him if he wanted his own board or if he wanted to share, he replied with "I am a bog boy now so I can do by myself" well that was me told & when did my little boy grow up?. We had so much fun surfing around on the body boards, I would guide him into the shallows then I would let go of him, because he was so light he surfed right on top of the waves like a skimming stone across a lake, he would come to a halt at the shore, jump up with the biggest smile on his face shouting "again". 

After a spot of surfing myself & the eldest girls took to the slides, Chelsea braved the 260ft Black thunder which was pitched black, you could not see a thing until you came out at the end, Madison & I took the sensible option & grabbed an inflatable ring to soar down the 300ft Buzz slide at least we didn't get off with sore rears from the joins on the slide. I knew Chelsea would call me a chicken if I didn't go on Black thunder so up the blue plastic stairs we climbed just to be thrown into total darkness, I went 1st because I wanted to see their faces when they emerged, It was daunting not knowing where I was going but before I knew it I was at the end of the slide with a good wedgy (why do slides always do that). Madison came flying out, her body shaped like a star fish & laughing! she is the brave one of us all, I heard Chelsea before I saw her she must of screamed the whole way down but thankfully it was a happy scream and not a petrified scream! We regrouped for one last swim in the big pool where I was informed that Rhian took a dive into the baby pool whilst trying to walk around in the water, my mother in law pulled her up by the nearest limb, her leg which Rhian responded with a dirty look shot in her direction & then a shocked look of what the hell happened then! I highly recommend buying your older children brightly coloured swimming caps, we got the girls bright yellow ones, sure they looked like bananas but they was easy to spot in the pool. After a full day of swimming we finished the day off with hotdogs & doughnuts, a great end to a fun filled day.


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    1. I want to go again :)my shoulder a aching this morning though, I must of used some muscles I don't usually use haha. Do you not have something like this near you?