Monday, 27 August 2012

Clarks school shoes review

Every parent knows how expensive & time consuming it can be to get the children ready for a new school year & with 4 to buy for it can sometimes be daunting. I jumped at the chance to review Clarks back to school range when we were asked. We were given a voucher & our appointment was made!. When we arrived at Clarks in the centre of Wrexham it was rather busy. Mums, dads & children filled the store, some clutching tickets with numbers on & some already seated with their feet being measured or a pile of boxes filled with lovely black shoes waiting to be tried on sat next to them. We thankfully having an appointment was taken to the back of the store and seated straight away, the girls started to eye up the shelving of shoes. The assistant 1st measured my eldest daughters feet & to our surprise we found she had grown 2 sizes since she was last fitted a few months ago, she also has 1 foot 1/2 a size bigger than the other & also slightly wider. Her bigger foot measurement is a 5G which means her shoes now cost more, not that it matters because my initial thought was "oh no! she will now be able to steal my shoes". The assistant asked what styles she liked & then off she went to collect some shoes for her to try on. She came back with a few boxes of different styles & also slightly different sizes. After trying them all on she went for a brogue black leather shoe. 

The assistant asked her to walk up and down in each pair to see if they fitted correctly & to be honest I couldn't tell the difference but she told us which pair fitted correctly. Next up was my other daughters turn & she also has 1 foot 1/2 a size bigger than the other (I wonder how many ill fitted shoes I have bought in the past). Because of the size difference & the type of shoe that she had chosen, one of the shoes had to be fitted with a inner sole to slightly pad out the shoe so that shoe did not rub her foot. Again she walked up and down the store until the assistant was happy that the shoes fitted correctly. Madison went for a very cute pair of dolly black leather shoes that have lovely bow detailing.

I found the whole service to be excellent, we did not have to wait around and the assistant was Pleasant, knowledgeable & made sure we left with shoes that fitted perfectly. The store had a huge range of shoes in stock so I am sure you would find something to suit each persons style. The shoes range in prices from £25 up to £40 which I think is a fair price as the quality is excellent & the fitting of the shoe is perfect (even if you so have different size feet). I would highly recommend Clarks to family and friends.  

We received a voucher for the purpose of this review however it did not cover the full amount of both pairs of shoes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Do you have a YouTube account? I would love to watch some video-reviews!