Saturday, 14 July 2012

School holiday's are here!

It is that lovely time of year again when all the schools close for the summer & parents are faced with the dilemma of how to keep the kids entertained!. Normally we have summer pretty much planned out, a few trips to the beach, strawberry picking, a visit to the zoo and endless picnics but to do all that we need the sun to come out and play otherwise we will have 5 bored children and I shall be in a corner rocking for the 6 weeks. I need a back up plan of activities to do when the rain halts outdoor play, the main problem I have is that they range in ages from 1 up to 12 and also have different capabilities and likes. 
Thomas of course will take roughly around 2 weeks to settle into a different routine which means he will not concentrate on anything & his behaviour will take a massive dip! The eldest 2 girls will squabble if left to their own devises, Tristan will be be happy because he likes to play with his toys and that can entertain him for hours but even that will get dull after a while & Rhian will just do what she usually does only I predict she will drop her morning sleep because the others are all in the house making as much noise as possible.
Here is where I need help with ideas:

We all like DVDs but have watched the 100's we have time and time again so which DVD's would you recommend? 
Any fun craft ideas that can be done in a short space of time so the kids don't get bored?
What good story books do you recommend?
Do you know where the sun is hiding?

If the summer is a wash out then we can go: 
Tenpin Bowling
Soft Play area

Please feel free to share your own ideas if you have blogged about a craft activity you think would be useful to us please share the link.

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