Friday, 27 July 2012

Next Event-Autumn/Winter range

Earlier this week we attended the fantastic Next event in Northamptonshire to preview the new Autumn/Winter range. The kids were delighted at being able to come along to one of mummies blogging events & we kept it a secret of where we was going mainly because I didn't know what to expect from a Next event. They knew I was going to look at clothes & that was all, so you can imagine how much they was looking forward to mummy looking at clothes....boring! They soon changed their mind when we rolled up the drive to Crockwell Farm and saw the deflated bouncy castle sitting on the grass just waiting to be pumped full of air. We was taken inside & shown around, we stopped where refreshments table was & the kids all grabbed a bottle of water & some fruit then took a seat at the table to recharge after our long drive! I was quite surprised at them choosing water because they would much prefer juice at home, maybe because it came in a bottle and not out of a tap was the reason, whatever the reason I am pleased they did as outside the temperature was heating up quite nicely.
I met up with the lovely Danielle from Blog by baby & her gorgeous children & set about having a good old chatter, when the music started. All the kids made their way over to the direction of the music to find the Children's entertainment & they started to emerge with painted faces & an array of fabulous balloon models.
A short while later one of the kids spotted that the deflated bouncy castle was now full of air & just sat there waiting to be bounced on, cue begging children, please mum, pleeeeeaaaasssseee can I go on the bouncy castle? So I gathered up mine and Danielle's kids and off we went outside to play. The sun was shining & the surrounding countryside was lovely, the kids being entertained & watched over by the Nanny's gave me chance to chat to the lovely ladies responsible for putting on such a great event, I keep calling it an event but it honestly was more like a family day out! Madison even said "thanks mum this is the best day out ever".

Not only did they keep the kids entertained the whole day but they gave us mummies beauty treatments! reflexology, manicure, pedicure, threading, massage, we could of had it all if we chose to but I just settled for threading because I knew I would have had an allergic reaction to some product & end up having to rush home to get treatment so I took the sensible option. It was my first time to have my eyebrows threaded mainly because with 5 children I never get time to get pampered so it was a really nice treat. 
Whilst waiting to have the kids pictures taken the smell of food filled the air so we quickly got the boys pictures taken so they could go eat followed by the face painted girls which by now was starting to smudge all over their faces, I am looking forward to see how they look. Lastly it was Rhians turn to step in front of the camera & boy did she show off, she discovered that the photography background made a brilliant slide if you ran at it fast enough much to my horror & her delight! thankfully she did cooperate & I am sure they got some nice shots of her before she walked off to find where Daddy & her siblings went. We all ate the delicious food & then the kids took themselves off to watch the magician who was brilliant from what my husband & kids say whilst I finally got to look at the Autumn/Winter range of children's clothing.

From Arthouse for the girls to Rookie for the boys Next have a beautiful range for this years Autumn & Winter season, I love the animal prints especially the zebra print. My eldest daughter took a shine to the Ochre spot dress which would look great with the star sequin pumps so no doubt she will not give up begging... me to get it until it is hung in her wardrobe. I fell in love with the Tutu and T-shirt vest, I think not only would any baby look super cute in this but it would be a perfect outfit for a photo shoot.

I love mixing colours in outfits & I think the royal blue looks great with these trousers. The boys range is gorgeous & I tend to go for stripes on my boys so was please to see striped crew neck jumpers, I like how they can be casual yet with the right trousers look great at a party for when the weather in chilly.

High tops are all that kids want at the minute so I was really please to see some that I like for both boys and girls, the girls zebra boots are adorable and the boys Next boots with look great with most of the boys Next range.

Another outfit I will be purchasing is this gorgeous outfit above for my youngest daughter, it is from the wild bunch range & I love it. Next have something to suit everyone's taste & I love Next clothes because they are hard wearing & wash brilliantly without losing colour or shape. 

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