Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ladies Midnight Walk


Yes I have finally done it, I survived the Ladies 10k Midnight Walk.... I ache & I needed sleep like never before but I did it. I hate walking & I hate missing out on sleep but I am very proud of myself & my lovely sister in law, we never stopped to rest & kept up a nice steady pace the whole way finishing in 2 hours 5 minutes 20 seconds!. The aching & the lack of sleep does not matter, the fact that together we raised £300 for Nightingale House Hospice is what it is all about. The total that was raised by all the amazing Ladies who walked came to £80,000 pledged & rising! which I think is pretty amazing & could not of been done without you....yes you, you fantastic people who donated to such an amazing cause.

The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement
and we warmed up to the macarena & greece lightning.

Crossing the finish line after 2 hours 5 minutes 20 seconds

I would just like to say a massive thank you to have who have donated & it is not too late to donate  & enter my competition & a huge thank you to all the fabulous companies who have all donated a fantastic prize Cornish Daisy, Tippitoes, Blue Daisy, Baby Loves Organic, MAM, Yoomi, Inch Blue, Jellystone Designs UK, Snoozeshade, SIGG, Minene, Cosatto, Baba+boo, buggytug, Plum & Lego. A special thanks to SIGG for giving me one of their wide mouth bottles to use, it saved 2 plastic bottles & carried enough water for the whole walk.


  1. Well done hunny, you did amazingly well :)

    1. Thank you, all for a good cause :)

  2. Loving the photos, well done you xxx