Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ladies Midnight Walk draw information & Winners

The competition for all who sponsored me ends today at 12 noon shortly after that I will start to draw out the winners. I will be using a random name picker to pick out the names, I think this is the fairest way due to family and friends also entering the only person I banned from entering was my husband as I didn't think that would of been fair to allow him to enter. (sorry xx).
So I will draw out 20 names first as I have 20 prizes, I will then assign each prize a number and then go down the list of names one by one again randomly selecting a number for them (using The number selected by each name will win the corresponding prize. I do realise you may win something that you didn't particularly wish for but this is the fairest way.
Unfortunately not everyone will win a prize either so before I draw I would like to wish each and every person who sponsored me good luck (if you are friend or family and you don't win please still like me haha)
Some prizes will be coming directly from me and some will be sent out by the company so I can't give everyone delivery estimates.

Finally I would like to say thank you to everyone that donated, shared my fundraising page & to all the fantastic companies that donated a prize you all played a part in raising much needed funds for Nightingale house hospice, a massive £90,000 has been pledged so well done to all of you.

Come back later today to see if you are on the winners list 


Lucy= frog in a box from Blue Daisy
Angela Lucy Moustafa= lego Brickmaster book
Darren Liddle=Star Wrap from Tippitoes
Emmakids=Moo Moo cloth nappy from Baba+boo
Vikki Douel =wide mouth bottle from SIGG
Stephen Hall=8oz yoomi bottle and warmer
Vicky Hodder=Union Jack baby shoes from Inch Blue
Emmysmummy=Green stripe dribble bib Cornish daisy
sista-t=jellystone designs uk choice of pendant
Mandi and Clan xxx=Organic cotton boy ragdoll from baby loves Organic
lifewithliv :)=Pink stripe dribble from Cornish Daisy
scottishlesbianmummy= lego Brickmaster book
mymummypennies=Plum Voucher
Vicky Cockett=Picnic blanket From Minene
CarlY_2k05=MAM anti colic starter set
Danielle=Cosatto limited edition swift lite stroller
Tired Mummy of Two=snoozeshade for a carseat
Dillymum=Tug TRIO from buggy tug
Jan Dodd=red stripe dribble bib from Cornish Daisy
lorraine whitcombe shoemark= lego Brickmaster book

Could you all email me your address details with your name with how it is displayed here in the subject line to

Congratulations to all the winners, I wish you all could be winners


  1. Well done again Jo, still cant believe you sacrificed sleep and did excersize!!! Olivia says she better get something good haha, just joke! Good luck everyone :) x

  2. Yay! well done everyone! Very jealous Danielle, were going to have to buy a stroller now lol x

    1. aww but you won a dribble bib :) that was harder work than what I thought it was going to be! lol

    2. I know, we always need bibs! And breathe, its all over now!

      Got to get a stroller, she is so big and heavy, and the flaming big pram doesnt help, started pulling herself up 10 days after crawling, wants to be standing constantly now little monster haha!

    3. aww get a nice lightweight stroller for her :) they learn so quickly don't they

    4. Yeah going to start looking on the second hand pages on here, she is trying to let go of the sofa and walk as we speak = loads of bumps and bruises! Hows Rhian doing with the walking?

    5. She is good, she dances round in circles too and can stand up straight from the floor oh and she escapes by walking rather than crawling lol


    1. LOL show us your moves!

    2. LOL yes I want to see those moves

  4. She is properly walking now?!? She was so ready at her party just confidence! Need a catch up ASAP!

    1. Yeah she still falls over but has no fear at all anymore and will walk when ever possible

    2. Bless her, you need to update Aunty Andrea & Godmother on these achievements!!!! Will look so weird Rhian walking about being all small and dainty and my brute trying to copy! Liv is so like Tristan, she is just 100% confident that someone will catch her she will try to do ANYTHING including throwing herself off the sofa exactly like he used to do lol

    3. lol Rhian is more cautious than Tristan but she has got a right temper too when she doesn't get her own way

  5. They are growing up so quick :(

  6. Will be even worse once Nic and Darrens bubs comes along

    1. tell me about it lol no more though 5 is enough :)