Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mummy2five went to BritMumslive

wow my poetry skills are coming along nicely!

Britmumslive was my first blogging event so I didn't really know what to expect, I was one of the lucky bloggers who managed to find a sponsor & I am so grateful to Teething Bling UK for sponsoring me. I knew many veteran bloggers would be walking through the doors of the Brewery for the blogging event of the year, was I nervous? No! I have only been blogging 9 months so I am still growing as a blogger but I was there to learn & learn I did. 
Over the 2 days I attended a few workshops that interested me & spoke to many bloggers & some great Brands. The fun kicked off at registration where I received my badge displaying my name & blog name, so where did I pin this badge to me? right on my boob area...I was not the only one which mean't most of us spent the event looking like we was staring at other bloggers boobs. After registration I grabbed a much needed coffee after being on the road for 6 hours, I hunted down a fellow blogger from Blogbybaby and pretty much stalked her for the whole of the event.  

After the welcome Ruby Wax took to the stage to talk about how she beat the Tsunami of all depression and I found it a real eye opener. I then spent some time talking to the the fantastic sponsors for BritMumslive 2012, Panasonic managed to give me fridge/freezer & washer envy, Disney & Warner Brothers made me wish I was a kid again but then I figured when it comes to kids films I love to snuggle down with the kids and watch them too, the Lego goodie bag became my Friday nights entertainment which was made more fun by the tispy head from the free flowing wine from Radcliffe's that I downed sipped earlier at the BiBs Awards Party, The party was great and the ladies had some eye candy that came in the form of half naked men! The Brilliance in Blogging awards went to
Fresh Voice-Mammasaurus
Tasty-Maison Cupcakes
Change-Special Needs Jungle
Inspire-Mummy Whisperer
Lit-Hello it's Gemma
Video-The Alexander Residence
Go-Mum's Gone to
Snap-The Startup Wife
Dad-Mutterings of a Fool
Style-The Online Stylist
Laugh-Minestry of Mum
Outstanding-Goodbye Pert Breasts

So day 1 went extremely quickly and I survived the drive back to our hotel, Kudos to my chauffeur aka my husband.

Day 2 kicked off with Bloggercise with Lucy however I spent that session fighting the endless traffic that London has to offer, I did make it on time for the coffee (my first of the day) and yummy pastries which went down nicely along with the smoothie filled with spinach fromVitamix and the endless amounts of Welch's I kept going back for. I attended Beginning Blogging-SEO Tips and Legal Essentials and Bloggers Studio- How we use Pinterest, both were excellent workshops that I learn't quite alot from. I spent some time talking to other bloggers in the TK Maxx and HomeSense Style lounge & managed to get some extra goodies from Lego for my Ladies Midnight Walk competition. I decorated Cupcakes at the Lego stand which was messy fun and provided me with a small snack even though I ended up dropping one of the two that I made(I didn't eat the one I dropped).

I stopped by Piggy Bank Kids who are a charity founded by Sarah Brown and painted a pig money box for my daughter, Sarah was also a speaker at BritMums live and spoke about finding our own voice & making a difference.

I ended the day with more wine tasting (it would be rude to say no) and listening to the great blog posts by other bloggers in the Bloggers Keynotes some made me have to swallow that huge lump in my throat and others had me drying my eyes from laughter, I left the Brewery with more blogging knowledge, extra friends, more great blogs to read and not to mention the rather heavy goodie bags that I battled with (I needed larger shoulders or a suitcase). For anyone who wished they had gone I would advise you to go next year because you will not be disappointed. 

Thank you to
John Crane Toys, Disney, Warner Brothers, Skylanders, Tesco baby & Toddler, Sainsburys, Radcliffes, Welch's, Vitamix, Visit Orlando, Lego Duplo, Johnson's Body Care and BritMums for all the goodies I either ate, sipped or returned home with, Danielle at Blogbybaby for keeping me company, you made me laugh so much.

Final Thank you to Teething Bling UK for sponsoring me to attend, I had a brilliant time.

See you next year!


  1. Great recap - don't think we met! My kids LOVED the toys I brought home :) My 7 year old said "Mum I LOVE your job!" - not sure I can define it as a job, but it was definitely fun!

  2. Thank you, I don't think we did meet! My kids also loved all of the great things I brought home too, I fear they may expect it every time I go away now haha

  3. I've surfed the net more than three hours today, and your blog was the coolest of all. Thanks a lot, it is really useful to me

    1. Thank you, I love getting feedback

  4. It was a great couple of days, wasn't it? And all the freebies, wow! I lost my balance and fell on top of some random lady on the tube! I think next year the bags should come with wheels ;)

    1. It was amazing, I agree we need wheels next year!. Oh no I am glad I didn't have to navigate the tube I would of ended up in the wrong location & I don't think I could of carried all those goodies either.

  5. Great summary of all the fun. Glad you liked the session. There was a lot to take in from all the sessions.