Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

Yesterday we celebrated the Diamond jubilee, we had a small party at home I even baked cakes & biscuits. We dressed the kids up in red,white & blue and had a jolly good time. 

My cupcakes didn't go to plan after not being able to find blue gel paste so I had to buy ready rolled icing, I made biscuits for the 1st time & they turned out good, my mother in law made the scones & we had strawberry jam & cream with them.

Rhian had just woke up on time for the party to begin, she proudly waved her flag along with Madison.

our mini buffet, we had cucumber sandwiches & we can't forget the strawberries & cream.

Thomas joined in with our celebrations, We had the Jubilee concert on the tv & he loved dancing around to the concert music.

Tristan was a little under the weather but still enjoyed the fun

Rhian spent most of the day waving her flag and trying new foods

We gave Rhian a strawberry to try & this was the result, I think the strawberries was a little on the tangy side for her. We laughed so much watching her, she kept picking it back up to try again but her face says it all really. I don't think she is a fan of strawberries, she will hopefully like the ones we pick from the strawberry fields each summer.

It is very rare I am in the pictures as I am the one behind the camera normally so I gave my camera to someone else for a change & as usual Rhian pulled a funny face.

Tristan played the national anthem(well it was sort of the national anthem) he also posed for a photo with the Jubilee cup that his school gave him.

We had a very good time & it made me feel very proud to be British the concert was excellent & those fireworks was spectacular.

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