Friday, 1 June 2012

1 year ago today

This time last year I was sat at home willing on labour, it was my due date with my daughter & I was desperate to meet her. The phone calls came daily "any news" erm no I would tell you if I had delivered her, at least my husband didn't say hurry up and go into labour I am bored of waiting like he did on our son, I decided to hide out at home because I would possible of been arrested if I heard 1 person say "are you still here" and the fact that walking made every part of me ache. Rhian had other ideas though and decided she didn't want to be a due date baby, she stayed in there for several more days which everyone who has gone overdue knows that those 7 days seem like weeks. Fast forward 1 year and I am sat again at home trying to organise a little tea party to celebrate her 1st birthday, I have just placed my order for all the decorations and plan to do birthday photo shoot(possibly not on her birthday though). I think I will just make her cake myself because I have not come across one that I like and now I am running out of time, I have seven days to get organised, those seven days last year went by ever so slowly but I know these seven days where I need them to go slow will go too quickly. My baby is 51 weeks old that is a whole 357 days that I have hugged, kissed and told her that I love her, my baby is almost a toddler and will soon be toddling around our house terrorising us. I can't wait to see what the next year brings and yes I will spend each day hugging, kissing and telling her that I love her.

God I wish I could slow time down 

Children grow far to quickly