Thursday, 10 May 2012

Where has my baby gone?

In less than one months my baby girl will be 1, a whole year as almost past & I wish time would slow down. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was 1 week over due being checked over at the midwives then suddenly being whisked off to the maternity suite because I was 3 cm and easily stretched to 5cm dilated and not contracting. The Midwives words echoed in my head "the babies head is the lowest I have ever felt, without the woman being in labour" "I want you in hospital because I am worried that your waters will break and the baby will be here without any warning" & " I hope you make it to the hospital", the midwife knew how to cause me to panic slightly, the delivery ward would not admit me because I was not having contractions so my only option was to be admitted for static growth which mean't they would monitor me then hopefully the machine would pick up contractions that I couldn't feel. 

Going home

My midwife appointment ended before the school run so before I could even get to the hospital we had to pick the children up from school, pick my mother in law up and then get my bags whilst praying my waters didn't break, they held strong for over 9 months so I was pretty certain they would be ok for just 1 more hour.

Firstly we picked up my mother in law, her face was quite some picture when we announced we had to go in because the baby could come without warning, she then quickly ran around getting her animals locked up and picked up her pre packed sleep over bag( thank god she is an organised lady).

Next I was dropped at home to get my bits together whilst my husband went to collect the children, If he was panicking I didn't notice. We said our quick goodbyes to them and off we went.

We left our house around 4pm & got to the hospital ward without giving birth around 15 minutes later, I was relieved I had made it without any drama. I was shown to a bed and told they would have a read of my notes and come do my obs so about 20 mins later a midwife arrived & did my obs and hooked me up to the monitor. After 5 or 10 mins strapped to the machine I started to feel  tightening so we called the midwife to come & check, she said "oh they are no where near strong enough or regular enough" then took me off the monitor (pfft what does she know was what I was thinking). The tea trolley had just rolled up on the ward, I was feeling peckish so grabbed a chicken & stuffing sandwich with a cake for desert, yum hospital food. I sat there munching away happily when the contractions stepped up a level, so my poor husband was sent off to get the midwife again. Because it wasn't that long since she last came she said "the dr will come and check me over and proberly get me go for a walk for an hour or so to see if they come stronger" so I pleaded with her to check me because past labours progressed quickly, she eventually agreed to check me before going of on a stupid walk and lo and behold i was 5cm dilated & stretched to more so she said I could go to delivery.

 We arrived on delivery just after 6pm & was on the gas and air around 6:30 it was bliss, the midwife then spotted it was in my notes to have an iv line put in due to risk of bleeding with her being my 5th baby so she stabbed me in my left hand & went straight through the vein (thank god I had the Gas & air). This caused a huge bubble of blood under my skin to appear to which I told her "dont waste that blood I need to have minimum blood loss so I can go straight home" she decided to get the dr to put the iv line in because I kept joking that she would make me bleed to much and then I would have to stay in  so in the dr came, easily put the line in & signed the form so I could have that little bit of magic aka diamorphine. The contractions had started to get a bit nippy, you know the ones that make your toes curl slightly so off she went to get it prepared

Whilst she was out it came time for the shift change over so the new midwives came in to read over my notes at that point I was feeling pressure and the toe curling contraction was coming thick & fast so I knew I was not going to get my diamorphine. Hand over was done & the new midwives came over to the bed to introduce themselves when my waters went pop this was 7.55pm. I wasn't prepared because I still had my knickers on (oh the shame haha). I started to push & a few pushes later, out popped her head, with 1 more push her body was delivered at 8pm on the dot. I can not explain the feeling you get when you baby is placed on you, all I know is it is the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. She took a while to cry but soon filled her lungs when she pee'd all over me. Once we had cuddled and fed we both got cleaned up then came the time to find out if I could go home. I had lost only 50ml of blood so it meant I could go home as soon as we was ready. At 10pm, 2 hours after delivery we was on our way home with our 6lb 1.5oz little bundle of joy.

settled in at home

Fast forward 11 months & here I am wondering where the time went, she has developed into a beautiful yet cheeky baby who refuses to be spoon fed & already knows how to get what she wants. She has mastered cruising the furniture so will soon be walking & then she will no longer be a baby, my baby, my little tiny pink bundle that I brought home.

Time flies when you are having fun 

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