Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Vintage Charm Company

Whilst at the baby show in Birmingham I came across a lovely company called The Vintage Charm Company who sell a range of gifts that are personalised with your babies hand or foot print they can even personalise it with a print of your pets paw.
All you need to do is get one one of their packs that has everything you need to take a print, you would think getting a print of a hand/foot/paw would be messy but it really ins't. Inside the pack you have 1 x magic wipe & 1 sheet of magic paper, you will need to lay the paper on a solid surface and wipe the whole of your child's hand or foot with the wipe taking care to make sure it is fully covered. You won't be able to see where you have wiped so thoroughly go over the hand or foot, if you are taking a paw print make sure the paw is clean and the hair between the pads are trimmed short so you get a good print. Once you have fully covered the hand/foot/paw place down on the magic paper for 7 seconds trying your best to keep it still and apply pressure & then lift off the paper rather than drag. You will then see the print on the paper.

Our prints 

If you do have fingers missing off the print but still have room on the paper re-wipe and reprint but if you don't have room don't worry just contact the company and they will be able to help you.

Rhian's hand after being covered by the magic wipe

the magic wipe after being used

All you then need to do is decide which gorgeous gift you want your print on you can also have the name engraved.

This is my favourite item that they sell it is so pretty

Taking the print is really easy, the instructions are simple to follow and once the print is done just wipe the hand/foot/paw with a baby wipe to clean. They would make perfect gifts for the new mum or even a mum you just want to treat.

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  1. Wow thats amazing, i attempted to take prints of livs feet when she was about 12 weeks, not pretty and sooooo messy

    1. It was really easy, I remember doing the other kids prints with paint and it took way too many attempts and I got paint everywhere haha, I think that was the 1st time Tristan got to taste paint.

  2. thanks so much for reviewing our pack Joanne! So glad you found it hassle free and easy. Love your blog by the way! Donna x

    1. You're welcome, it really was easy & no mess.