Sunday, 27 May 2012

Summer fun on the beach

Well what glorious weather we have had, I bet I am not the only one sporting a red glowing face or shoulders this weekend. What better way to spends a sunny summers day than on the beach. We packed up the car then headed off for the day to Black Rock sands in Porthmadog, we always go to this beach because you are able to drive your car on the sand so you have everything you need right with you. We set up the wind breakers and boy did we need them, the wind was the strongest I have ever felt on the beach so they came in very handy to stop the sand blowing into our chicken sandwiches. My lovely mother in law as usual made up a gorgeous picnic which included homemade scones which were very yummy indeed.
Our little pitch set up we stayed there for 7 1/2 hours and thank god for the wind because it made being there warm rather that baking hot, but obviously this means that you can get burn't alot easier so we kept all the children covered up for most of the day and covered them in spf50+ suncream. I am allergic to suncream so I obviously went a little redder than I usually do but thanks to my olive skin it doesn't stay red for more than a few hours.
The sea was freezing but I braved it just to cool down, the kids just run around like it is tepid water and watching them just made me feel chilly. After 5 minutes in the water I either got5 use to it or lost all feeling in my legs. The kite surfers were out in force making good use of the strong winds and it looked like really good fun.

I like being pulled along 

My juice is so refreshing!

Do you like my sand castles

Running to keep cool

Cooling off
I adore this picture of him, it's not often he will allow me to take a picture of him and the spray of the water from him running just shows how much fun he was having 
Rhian does not know what to make of the wet salty liquid

Last night we was all exhausted and slept soundly after our fun day out and I can't wait for the next time we go.

We found a sharks egg case so once I have soaked it for long enough then allowed it to dry hopefully I will be able to identify what shark it came from, it did have curls on the end but the kids snapped them off.


  1. Can't believe that was only last week, certainly not beach weather here today :(

    1. Our weather is crazy, I wish we had more sunny days so we could build sandcastles on the beach more.