Thursday, 31 May 2012

Marshmallow Crossbow review

I was asked by Mummy News to review the Marshmallow Crossbow, I was rather excited because firing marshmallows at people really appealed to me. I spent my youth in the Army cadets playing toy soldiers so I got to recapture my youth a little with a bit of target practice.

The crossbow arrived in a small box and some assembly is required, the instructions are easy to follow so I had my crossbow assembled in no time. All I had to do was attach the 2 sides and thread the string & I was ready, I placed the pack of Marshmallows that came with it in a bowl so I could get to them quickly  

To load the crossbow all you need to do is twist the red barrel anti-clockwise and pull out, then place a marshmallow into the chamber, push the red barrel back in and twist clockwise to lock. You now have 1 marshmallow successfully loaded. I lined up my victim volunteer who happens to be my brother who over the years when we was growing up managed to annoy me so I got to seek my revenge. Pull back on the knob on the crossbow until it clicks into place & take aim then pull the trigger. The marshmallow will shoot out of the crossbow & if you have good aim then it will hit your victim volunteer. When it does hit it does not hurt but be sure you are not too close when firing, it can fire up to 30 feet. The crossbow entertained the adults and children until we ran out of marshmallows & I can see us having fun with it in the garden over the summer. I had the adults in the room ducking for cover my mother in law included and the children standing with their mouths open wide shouting "shoot me mum" I can't wait to stock up on Marshmallows for our next target practice.

My target 

It is suitable for ages 6+ and is good value for money, I recommend cleaning the barrel after each use to stop it from sticking. My son who is 4 was able to hold the crossbow and fire it but needed help to set it up so a younger child could use it but would need to be supervised at all times by an adult. 

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