Thursday, 31 May 2012

Jo Tantum Sleepytime range-Organic massage oil review

Jo Tantum's  Sleepytime range
Organic Massage Oil

At the baby show in Birmingham I came across a company that I have used in the past so stopped by to say hello and tell them how wonderful their products are, not that they don't already know that of course. I was asked to review the Organic Massage oil for them.

I have used Jo Tantums's sleepytime range for months now as part of my daughters bedtime routine & have noticed a real difference in how well she sleeps, they all have a lovely lavender smell to them, they are all 100% natural with pure, gentle oils so they are perfect for your babies delicate skin. The oil is not greasy and soaks into the skin really well, they also last ages because you only need a small amount you get your moneys worth. You can use the oil every time you massage your baby and baby massage is perfect for you to build a strong bond with your baby not only will you enjoy it so will your baby.
The sleepytime range consists of
Room Aroma
Organic Massage Oil
Hair & Body Wash
I use the whole range & if you need any sleeping tips just visit 

I highly recommend all 3 of the products in the sleepytime range

room aroma
organic massage oil
hair and body wash

I only received the Organic massage oil for the purpose of the review 

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