Sunday, 13 May 2012

Going on Safari

Last week we had the pleasure of another great British bank holiday & in true British style the weather forecast was rain, rain, & more rain. We are not a family that sits in because it rains so we asked the kids what they wanted to do, little man immediately said "Nanna's" which pleased my mother in law, he then decided he wanted to go on a Safari & the others agreed. So where better to take them than West Midland Safari Park ok there is a better place I can think of,  a full on African Safari but our budget doesn't stretch that far so we will just have to keep that on the Dream holiday list. We made up a picnic (well my mother in law made up the picnic) and off we went, for those that have never been to West Midland safari Park it is a large safari park that allows you to interact & feed some of the animals & has the added bonus of no cheeky monkey's & you get a free return. They have a huge range of animals my favourite being the tigers & lions, we also enjoy feeding the giraffes but I will warn you some like to slobber on your hand. The kiosks all sell the animal feed for you to feed them & you are given instructions on what not to feed. Despite the rain which turned out to be light showers we had a fantastic day, the lions in particular entertained us for a while & the new Dholes was interesting, even the hippopotamus's seemed lively. Below are a few many images I took on our latest visit.

Tiger, How beautiful 

Dhole, they have replaced the wolves 

Armoured Rhino, very interesting animal 

Cheetah, always on the go 

just stunning 

Giraffe, they are so large 


Meerkats, they are great to watch 

Hippopotamus looking like some scary sea monster 

hippopotamus- you wouldn't want to be bitten by this 

Rattle snake 

Humboldt Penguin 

How stunning is he

this is not the best shot but had to include it 

Beautiful boy 

The most beautiful animal ever 

If you love animals or just love taking pictures of animals West Midland Safari Park is the place to go 


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    1. Great photos of the animals. I love the animals a lot.

  2. Seems that you likes all the animals. Pretty Cool :)