Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fun in the sun on the beach

The sun as finally appeared in Great Britain which means all the ladies will be out in force with their maxi dresses, sandals and those all important shades, the babies and children will all be wearing their brand new summer clothes and hats, the men will either be in shorts or sweating it out in suits & every spare bit of grass or beach will be filled with people enjoying the sun whilst they can because let's face it we don't know when it will end and the rain cloud decent on us once again.
I will be taking full advantage of the sun this weekend and heading off to the beach with the children, we go to a beach on the west cost of Wales because we can drive our car on it so we have everything we need right with us. I will admit that I am slightly unprepared and don't have everything I would like for a day out on the beach we have the usual beach tent and beach mats but last time we had a beach visit we made a note to buy some more wind breakers but we have forgotten to buy more 2 the two we have will have to do. I have an ever growing list of things I would like to get for our next beach trip.

My wanted Beach items

A sun protection beach parasol, our last one was bought very cheaply therefore didn't last very long so on our list would be a Shelta Fold-A-Brella UV beach umbrella and can be bought from Suntogs for just £24.95 This will allow the boys to dig in the sand but stay protected.
Image from their website

Uv sun protection suits
Now this is a tricky one because everywhere seems to sell them, I do like the look of the full sets from Suntogs & Konfidence because they both offer good protection and look really cute too.

Sun protection for my baby when in the pushchair 
The best one I have found is from a company called SnoozeShade, the SnoozeShade plus is perfect for protecting a baby in the pushchair from the suns harmful rays, it has a spf of 50+ and will allow your baby to sleep without the glare of the sunlight. They are only £29.99 and I think they are summer must have.
Image from their website

Sun Protection towel 
Your child is most at risk after they have come out of the water and their sun cream would of washed off, I normally wrap the towel around them so we can walk back from the sea to where we had parked up, the beach we go on is quite a walk from the sea to the soft sand dunes which we normally park near so in this time the suns harmful rays will be beaming down on my child and penetrating the towel onto my child's delicate skin. Cuddledry have a fantastic spf50+ poncho towel   for ages 1-3 that can be bought for £27.99 and it is the only one I have seen of it's kind, they also donate £5 of each one bought to Clic Sargent.

These items are what I wish I would be taking with me on this weekend beach trip but I was unprepared so I will slowly have to start to purchase my beach wants so the next time Great Britain basks in glorious sunshine I will be prepared.

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