Thursday, 3 May 2012

Britmums Live 2012- Introducing my sponsor

I made the decision to go to Britmums Live at the beginning of March, so I purchased my ticket, then started my search for a sponsor. I tweeted a few times in my search for a sponsor but then took the relaxed approached & figured if I didn't find a sponsor I would fund myself to attend the 2 day blogging event. Out of the blue came the offer of sponsorship from the lovely Lynne at Teething Bling Uk, I don't think I could of found a better company to sponsor me because not only do I use Teething Bling myself I also run my local Teething Bling page.

Teething Bling uk is brought to you by Smart Mum Uk, the sole & approved distributor of Teething Bling in the UK, Teething Bling is the original Teething jewellery made from the same material as most teething toys. All the products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex & lead free, all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as a added safety measure.

So what is Teething Bling?

Teething Bling is jewellery designed for mums to wear, yet is safe enough for babies to chew on, most mums will avoid wearing any jewellery once they become parents because most babies will grab & pull at the precious jewellery. Teething Bing UK provide beautiful pendants and bangles in fantastic colours. I love using them because they care about safety, being a mum herself Lynne has & continues to put the pendants & Bangles through vigorous safety checks, they are safety checked every 3 months in 2 different labs, even the packaging goes through safety checks, If you would like to see the safety reports Teething Bling UK are happy to provide these to you. If priding themselves on safety isn't enough they are a very family orientated business, the staff are all allowed to work round their family schedules and you may often find a child in their offices in Cardiff.

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