Friday, 20 April 2012

Taste testing the sand

Yes you have read correctly, we took Rhian to the beach whilst away on holiday this was her first opportunity to fully explore the beach because she was just a tiny little baby every time we have been. Being a mummy means I take snap shots of my kids all the time (well the ones that will let me aim my trust camera at them) so I automatically grabbed the camera and snapped away click, flash, click, flash, you get the idea, the images are quite funny so I thought I would share with you all too.

"hmmm what's this then?"

"sand! did you just say sand?"

"not sure about this you know!"

"haha she said the beach is fun"

"the sand isn't fun"

"ok I will give it a try"......."it doesn't taste nice"

"eurgghh get it out" 

"I need water"

Its fair to say the beach will have to grow on Rhian hopefully she will grow to love it like the rest of us do.


  1. Hey that baby looks very cute. I love it. When I was small My father always try to catch out these type of photos for me.....

  2. Best as always seems. I loves your blog a lot. Keep shareing