Thursday, 19 April 2012

Swim baby swim

splashing away
Do you and your family enjoy to swim? We love swimming, well I say we I mean them I just find it quite stressful trying to keep my eye on five children when we all go, even the ones that can swim or if we are in shallow water I can't relax. The large swimming pool we have for the summer I find much nicer I can see them all clearly and I can control the amount of splashing. I do like to swim when I can actually swim instead of walking around with a baby or toddler in my arms. My eldest attends swimming every Thursday, my son who attends a special needs school goes swimming in their hydro pool every Friday and we normally take the youngest two when the others are in school. Tristan is not that confident but we are slowly working on him, Rhian is a water baby she loves being in the water and doesn't mind being splashed or dunked under the water. Madison sadly doesn't get to go that often but she loves it & has loads of confidence in the water and will soon be starting to swim with school. I think its very important for a child to learn to swim, you never know when the ability to swim may save their lives.
Rhian is very happy to be in the water 

Tristan taking the safe option

Daring to swim in the cold sea

Tristan as a baby

Madison loves the water

in the pool in our garden

Madison under water as a baby

 This is my entry for Brit mums Joy of swimming sponsored by British Gas 


  1. OMG I don't know you keep your eye on 5 children, it's almost impossible with 2! ‎

    1. It can be a nightmare and far from fun when we all go, that is why we tend to take the younger children whilst the others are in school. If we go swimming as a family then my mother in law comes with us.

  2. Loving all these swimming pics! You are brave to go with 5!

    1. :) thank you, I would add to my family if we had the room and money but we shall be stopping at 5 :)

    2. Plus how would I take 6 swimming? These pictures are just a small amount in my collection of them enjoying the water.