Monday, 30 April 2012

Review- Monster Pet supplies Whiskas cat food

Monster pet supplies sent me a box of whiskas goodies for us to test & review, well the cat tested and I reviewed thankfully.

I had never ordered online before for my pet supplies so was pleasantly surprised when it arrived in a lidded box and wrapped in tissue.

In the box
Whiskas bite & chew tasty textures with chicken x2
Whiskas bite & chew tasty textures beef
Whiskas bite & chew tasty textures Salmon
Whiskas bite & chew tasty textures Trout x2 
Whiskas Cat milk x2
Dreamies Mix

The first one I put down for Shadow was the Chicken flavour he instantly got stuck in, but in true Shadow style he licked it dry and left all the chunky bits of meat, it's not the fact that he doesn't like it or it's not tasty this is what he does with every food we have tried him on, he did the same with the beef too but out of the next pouch came trout, I expected him to do the same as what he normally does but he well and truly tucked in, he polished off the whole bowl, even licked the bowl clean, I still can't quite believe the fussiest cat I have ever known ate the actual meat. He ate all of the other Trout & salmon pouch.

All of Whiskas Tasty textures bite & chew range have roughly chopped meat in a soft meat pate so your cat gets to lick up the soft meat pate and chew on the chunky bits of meat

Roughly chopped meat in a meat pate

Enjoying his meal 
click on the link to see the full range of Whiskas adult tasty textures  the prices vary 

Next we put down a bowl of the Whiskas cat milk for him to try 

It is suitable for cats & kittens over 6 weeks old and each bottle contains 4 servings, it is low in lactose and provides essential calcium and vitamins, the 200ml bottle should be kept refrigerated once opened and used within 4 days of opening. 


Shadow loved the cat milk and lapped it up really quickly then looked at me with his big wide eyes wanting more.

We will be purchasing Whiskas Cat milk again, you can purchase 3x 200ml bottles for £3.61

Last up for testing is Dreamies Mix, again Shadow is quite fussy what treats he eats but he happily ate these.  In the resealable bag there is 2 different varieties, Scrumptious Salmon & delicious cheese.
You can feed your cat 20 pieces a day, they are small square treats with a crunchy exterior & a soft interior.
 the bag is 60g and is resealable, the contents should be used within 4 weeks of opening.   
Shadow seemed to really enjoy these treats and ate every piece we offered him so with him they are a big hit, I was quite happy that they didn't smell so are pleasant for you to hand feed the treat to your cat. They are available to buy for just £1 which I think is excellent value.

I received the items for the purpose of the review only, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi there! We are really pleased that the Trout & Salmon Pouch food broke through the normal fussiness of Shadow!

    It's brill that the Catmilk was enjoyed as well, we are all very happy to hear this at back at Monster HQ.

    Much Love from Monster