Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Mummy News sent me 2 DVDS to review for them below is our review

Baby Tv
Concertino music &art Vol 1

Danny Donner, has used his experience as an esteemed conductor, composer and educator to creat a unique program that brings you classical music that is carefully selected and produced for small children, it is suitable for 6 months to 4 years & the approximate running time is 40 minutes.


Edvard Grieg, Morning Mood, Peer Gynt, Suite No.1
Set in a fantasy garden

Johann Sebastian Bach, Badinerie, Orcgestral Suite No.2
Set in a colourful nursery

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Allegro from Divertimento, K. 136
Set in a winter wonderland

Antonio Vivaldi, First Movemonet, Autumn, Violin Concerto, Op.8, No.3
Set in a fantasy farm

Leo Delibes, Pizzicato, Sylvia
Set in Fantasy seaside

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Presto, Divertimento, K. 136
Set in a fantasy Playground

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Romance from Eine Kleine Nachtmisik, K525
Set in the sky with colourful hot air balloons

Johann Strauss II, On the Beautiful Blue Danube
Set under the sea

Claude Debussy , Dance, Children’s Corner
Set with an oriental theme

Piotr llyich Tchaikovsky, Waltz of the Flowers, The Nutcracker
Set in a fairground.

My son who is 4 didn’t seem to take much interest or so we thought, it later came on the TV and he announced that his DVD was on the TV so although we thought he was not interested or paying attention he actually was.  My daughter who is 10 months watched the DVD and seemed to enjoy the visual stimulation this DVD offers and the Classical music had a calming effect, it is perfect to use as a night time, bedtime routine because it has soft sounds together with gentle visual stimulation.
RRP 9.99

Baby TV

Oliver Discovers


This DVD is suitable for ages 6 months to 4 years with a RRP £9.99 which I think is good value, the approximate running time is 40 minutes.


Vegetable Garden
This episode starts off animated where Oliver waters a lettuce that has dried up then goes onto to children looking after vegetables in the garden, and then it goes back to animated. This episode gives your child the opportunity to learn to count and also recognise vegetables, it also teaches them where vegetables come from as most children will think they just come from the supermarket.
This episode your child can learn to count, learn colours and the different vegetables using animated and real children.

A mixture of animated and real children playing on the beach this episode will teach your child colours, shapes, size difference.

This episode explores the forest, it teaches your child about the forest and what makes up a forest, and also it teaches them the difference between fast and slow.

Teaches you child to count and colour recognition using familiar things in the bathroom.

This episode shows children exploring the park again in animated and using real children at the park, it teaches colours, and to count using things you would expect to see in a park.

This DVD uses everyday things that your child may encounter to help to teach them. There is plenty of learning opportunities and it features 6 nursery rhymes, 2 of them being five little monkeys and little green frog, both are my son’s favourite nursery rhymes. Both my children aged 10 months and 4 years enjoyed this DVD very much.

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