Sunday, 15 April 2012

Graco Symbio b- Final Thoughts

Well the time has come to the end of our battle to be crowned the Graco Ambassador, 5 of us lucky people have been putting the Symbio b to the test over the last 8 weeks, we have blogged, reviewed, tweeted and videoed and no more can be done, so I thought I would end with my final thoughts.

My full review of the Symbio b can be read here, but since writing up this review all of the Symbio testers wrote about our 5 point essential check-list when buying a pushchair which was interesting to see what is important to each one of us. 

I recently have been testing the Symbio b out on the hills of Devon and the many steps that greet you at the Devon Cliffs haven camp. The hills are like nothing I have seen before, thankfully the Symbio b weighs a tiny 7.5kg & is so easy to push, even up steep hills. The holiday camp has many steps and with only a few ramps and 1 lift I found myself bumping the Pushchair down the steps(naughty mummy)  the Symbio b has pneumatic rear wheels and shock absorbing spring suspension that I have fully tested this last week & its funny I half expected to have a deflated tyre but so far so good(I have not been that careful about what terrain I run the pram over either).
Whilst away I put it through its paces on the beach, it passed with flying colours but it does not go so well over an artificial beach such as playground sand. I found using the rear wheels much easier to push it forward rather than doing what ever parent has done at some point and dragged their pushchair backwards.
At night when in the club house watching the evenings entertainment I was thankful that I could flip the handle over so Rhian could see the entertainment whilst sat happily in her pushchair, then once asleep I could fold the handle right down to the wheels to stop cheeky children grabbing the handle as they fly pass hyped up on sugar and fizzy pop thus preventing them from waking my sleeping baby. The raincover is excellent because it has a large opening at the front which enables you to get to your baby without having to slip you hand up the side making it much easier .  

The Symbio b has a few war wounds but that would be expected, ours also has a rather large none carpeted space at the back of our minibus to move about in whilst travelling below are all the scrapes and scratches I could find.
on the handle

down the side of the frame

Wheels still in great condition 

under the handle this is what has been resting on the floor of our minibus

the top of the bracket where the seat unit sits

I think it has survived quite well considering what space it has to slide about and how much use we have had, the fabric and mechanism are still perfect.

my little acrostic poem 

Symbio b so shiny and new
   You came to me for a review,
Multifunctional for ages 0-3
                Blissful walks is what you bring to me,
           In and out of the shops you weave
               Over muddy paths, it’s such a breeze,
                                  Brilliant in every way, I like to push you every day.

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