Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Car journeys-Boys will be boys

Playing eye spy in the car with the boys can be a fun, one being 3 and the other 10 but has special needs the answers can be a little amusing. The girls like to play it all nice and correct but the boys have their own rules apparently. The other day we was on our way back from me having my hair and nails done(complete luxury that I don't often get) The journey is about 30 minutes so we decide to play eye spy here is how some of the game went:

Tristan age 3 "eye spy with my little eye something beginning with x"

so the rest of us started to guess "xray" "xylophone"  then got stuck ........x what begins with x so I asked "can we have a clue?" "yes" Tristan replied "its an xray fish"..........."an Xray Fish what is one of them" I asked! his reply "a fish" and that was that, I didn't have a clue if there was such thing as an xray fish so when I got home I got on trusty google and found there is in fact a fish called an xray sons a genius.....or maybe not, it came to my turn "eye spy with my little eye something beginning with F" the incorrect guesses came "fence" "field" "farm" "no,no,no" "can we have a clue?" Tristan asked "yes, you can smell it" I thought this was a good clue until Tristan proudly shouts "I know, its POO" cue a car full of laughing kids & us adults sat shaking our heads whilst rolling our eyes, "no Tristan the answer is a flower, you can smell a flower", "yes but you can smell poo too mum" was his reply. 

Thomas guessed a correct answer to one so it became his go, now Thomas doesn't play eye spy like the rest of us if he says T it could be anything so you literally have to guess anything and everything but you can normally narrow it down because it will either be a Train, plane, car, bus, van, tractor, helicopter or truck  and yes he does this for his go every time. 

Now this is fine on a small car journey but this week we will be sat in the car for 216 miles so I fear I may be mentally tortured by the boys, any other idea what games we could play?

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