Sunday, 4 March 2012

Not just a Mummy

Being a mum sometimes we can forget about ourselves, our hobbies take a side line as we get lost under the pile of washing that mounts up daily. Today I am going to steal a bit of Joanne time and share with you all what I like to do in my spare stolen time. So when I am not cooking, cleaning, being drove round the bend I love nothing more than to take pictures. My lovely husband bought me a DSLR camera last year after lusting after one for quite sometime & a while later I bought a few lights & backgrounds so I could capture my family. My favourite subject is Animals & my family despite the saying "never work with animals or children". For the animal shots I normal visit zoo's or just sit in my garden and wait, my family are a little more harder to take pictures of as they don't always co-operate.

Some of my favourites

Then this one is not what I usually snap but I took it whilst testing my new camera out and fell a little in love with the shot.

One day I hope to become a professional photographer & will achieve this once I find some time to take a photography course. I would also love to go on an African safari to sit and watch the animals in their natural habitat whilst hopefully capturing amazing shots of beautiful animals

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