Friday, 2 March 2012

Little Star Rockers 3in1 High Chair Review

Little Star Rockers 
3in1 high chair

Little Star Rockers sent me their lovely 3in1 High Chair to review & I must say I am very impressed. The High Chair comes ready assembled & doesn't need any adaptations to be used has a Rocker or a desk. The Little Star Rockers High Chair is available in 6 different durable powder coated colours, Red & Yellow, Off white & Pink, Yellow & Grey, Pink & Lime, Grey & Orange and Blue & lime. Hand crafted in the U.K this wooden piece of furniture is perfect for children ages 6 months to 4 years

High Chair Mode
In high chair mode it is suitable for babies that can sit unaided, it comes with a 2 point safety harness and the high chair complies with all British safety standards. The high chair is perfect height to join you and your family at meal times around your dining table. A Tray is currently being made so you are able to use the high chair without the need for a dining table should you wish too.(I will update this review once I have received the tray.

Rocker Mode
Turn the high chair on its back and you have a rocker in the style of a rocking horse. Perfect for Rocking away, the seat area is large so will fit a child of 4 in easily. There is a bar that goes across for your child to hold onto and a foot plate to stop those little toes from getting trapped whilst they are rocking away

Desk Mode
When the high Chair is laid on its front you have a cool little desk that your child can use to sit at to draw, create works of art or even eat which is what my son loves to do, I end up having to evict him from it so I can put it upright to feed Rhian at meal times. He can sit comfortably in the seat with enough room so he is not cramped and he happily sat at the desk for over 1 hour drawing the other day so it must be comfortable to sit in.

In the past I have had an high chair fall over on me, so when I received the Little Star Rockers 3in1 High chair the safety of my child sat in it was put to the test in the picture below you can clearly see the high chair is very sturdy even with my son hanging off the front of it.

I will be updating this review when I receive the Tray & also will be posting a video Review so please do follow my blog or facebook page  to keep updated.

Little Star Rockers 3in1 High chair Retails at £149.99  


  1. Hi, where were you able to purchase this?

    1. hi, you can purchase it from

  2. By any chance do you have the measurements of the chair please?