Thursday, 8 March 2012

John Crane's Tidlo Grandpa has come to stay

John Crane have sent many Tidlo Grandparents off on their jollies to homes all over the U.K. We will be taking pictures of our Grandparents adventures as we go along. We found out yesterday we had a Grandpa coming to stay, his journey has been full of fun so far and the poor thing was a little tired after his first days stay in mummy2five's household, his adventures start here....
Little Welsh Grandpa 
has arrived 
aka Taid

Luckily he had given up chocolate for lent so he was able to fit through our letter box.

We took Taid on a little house tour and shown him to his room, he was very impressed with the zoo in his room and settled down to meet the strange, yet wonderful animals

Taid was a little intimidated by the dinosaurs closing in on him 

Thankfully squawk flew in to tell him they were harmless & only want to check him out because they had never seen a Tidlo Grandpa before. 

Squawk asked him if he would like to feed the giraffes

Taid had an amazing time feeding the giraffes, so he offered to help clean the Giraffe house 

Taid picked up a fork & bucket then set to work, he worked hard on making the giraffe house sparkling clean,

Taid became very tired after all that cleaning so Daddy giraffe offered to take him back to his sleeping quarters for a power nap

back in his room Taid did not find his bed very comfortable & grumbled a little about how the mattresses on holiday always make your back hurt!

He sneaked into the little boys bed which was far more comfortable & softly drifted of to sleep.

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