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Graco Symbio b Review

I was lucky enough to be 1 of the lucky 5 testers chosen by Graco to test the Graco Symbio b, we received it in the colour Chilli, so here is my review

Dimensions folded 79 x 35 x 58cm
Dimensions open 100 x 79 x 58
Weight 7.5kg

What’s in the box?
Symbio b Frame
Seat Unit
Babynest apron
Pram apron
Car Seat adaptor
Rain cover

The Symbio b is a very stylish modern looking pushchair. The Symbio b can be used in Newborn mode suitable from 0-6 months & then it can be converted into the toddler seat, this mode is suitable for 6 months+ to 15kg approximately 3 years of age. Here you can view how easy it is to transform the seat unit. The seat unit easily lifts off by pressing  two buttons, one on each side .

Newborn Mode
The soft padded babynest is soft and is padded perfectly for a newborn baby complete with a removable mattress. When the Symbio b is in the Newborn mode it is perfect for a newborn baby, which lies completely flat. In this mode you also have a padded soft Babynest apron & Pram apron that matches the hood. The inner size of the Babynest is 77 x 32cm approx. The Symbio b comes with an extendable UV protective canopy perfect for keeping the sun away from your baby.

Toddler seat
The Toddler seat is suitable for baby’s age 6 months up to 15kg (approx 3 years) the seat easily converts from Newborn mode to Toddler seat. You have a soft padded seat pad that is attached to the seat by 6 poppers and this also matches the colour of your hood, Apron & footmuff. The 5 point harness straps are long, so offer generous space for your child as they grow and it comes with removable padded crotch pad & harness covers. The seat can be forward or rear facing & has a 3 position recline, this action is easily done by lifting up the lever at the top of the seat unit. Not only do you benefit from forward/rear facing the handle of the Symbio b can flip over, I particularly love this because it makes eating out simple because I can leave my daughter in her seat & flip the handle out of the way. The bumper bar is foamed covered & can be fully removed or by removing 1 side it easily swivels out of the way allowing you to put your child into the seat easily. The footmuff fits onto the seat easily & the cover can be fully unzipped leaving you with a seat liner for the warmer weather, I personally prefer it without the footmuff when its warm because the seat is fully padded & looks comfortable.

Using the Car seat adaptors
Remove your seat from the frame, put the car seat adaptors onto the frame & then place a Logico S HP car seat (bought seperatly) onto the Adaptor. To remove the car seat off the adaptors you simply pull the lever at the back of your car seat & lift the car seat off.

Using the Symbio b
When taking the Symbio b out I noticed how easy it is to push, it feels very lightweight because the frame is anodized aluminium, my daughter gets a really smooth ride thanks to the pneumatic rear wheels & shock absorbing spring suspension. The front wheels are swivel EVA foam & are fully lockable. The handle stands at 100cm and is a very comfortable handle height for me at 5ft 4, 5ft 7 when wearing heels. The break is located on the right hand side of the handle and is easily applied by pressing in the button & lifting up the lever. The only fault I have is, the shopping basket is only large enough to fit the rain cover in, however a Graco bag can be bought to place onto the Pushchair to give you more places to store things. If pushing the pushchair over rough terrain I suggest flipping the handle over & using your rear wheels as the front wheels, this will make tackling rough terrain so much easier.

Folding the Symbio b
Folding is easy all you need to do is, remove the seat from the Frame, flip the handle right over till it is touching the front wheels, then press in the number 1 button & lift the number 2 lever. The Frame will fold & you can hold it in place by slotting the tab which is numbered 3 into the slot to hold it in place.

To unfold remove tab number 3 from the slot & lift up the handle, this will open up your frame easily.

Lifting in & out of your car is easy because the frame is light. I really do love the Symbio b  & found it to be the best pushchair I have used. Every moving part has a smooth action & most importantly my daughter sits comfortably in it.

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